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Here First
Monday – Friday before 7 a.m.

Start your day with the essentials. Coffee. Breakfast. And the local news you need to know. Our Morning Edition host rises bright and early to bring you the top news stories in under 15 minutes. Wake up, grab that coffee and get your news Here First.

Latest Episodes
  • Iowa lawmakers approve a plan to improve reading scores for students. The state attorney general announced an open-call for a new sexual assault support service for southeastern Iowa. A new study shows a program to help young people as they leave foster care is working. And, former Hawkeye Caitlin Clark is officially introduced as a member of the Indiana Fever.
  • Governor Reynold's plan to eliminate and merge boards and commissions get modified in the Iowa House. The state gets closer to banning guaranteed income programs. Parents in Waterloo raise concerns about a new plan to arm teachers and staff. And, a potential pay raise for lawmakers.
  • The Iowa House is sending a bill to the governor's desk that details training requirements for teachers and staff who are authorized to carry guns in schools. Members of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force are concerned about a new law that allows state police to arrest undocumented immigrants. Dickinson County is looking at distance requirements for carbon dioxide pipelines. And, as expected, Caitlin Clark was picked first in the WNBA draft.
  • Supporters held a rally in Iowa City to mourn the closure of the Rape Victim Advocacy Program at the University of Iowa. Independent presidential candidate RFK Jr. campaigned in Des Moines and says he received enough support to show up on the ballot in November. The head of the Iowa ACLU comments on a traffic camera proposal. And, Caitlin Clark enters the WNBA draft tonight.
  • The Iowa Supreme Court hears arguments over a law that would ban most abortions at as early as six weeks of pregnancy. The Republican Speaker of the Iowa House wants more review of a bill that could affect settlement payouts for victims of sexual abuse as Boy Scouts. And a Kansas company is building weed-seeking robots for farmers.
  • The Iowa Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today over the "fetal heartbeat" law, which would ban abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy. Governor Reynolds signed a bill into law allowing state officials to arrest and deport undocumented immigrants that is similar to one passed in Texas. And Iowa lawmakers continue to back a proposal that makes it easier to allow teachers and staff to carry firearms.
  • Iowa governor signs bill strengthening oversight of foreign farmland ownership. There are challenges for funding for sexual assault support services for the University of Iowa. The NAIA bans transgender athletes from sports. And, Iowa Hawkeye star Caitlin Clark wins another repeat award.
  • Iowa lawmakers are discussing having the state pick up more of the tab for training law enforcement officers in hopes of attracting more applicants. The University of Iowa is ending a program that works with victims of sexual violence. And thousands of people gathered in communities across southern Illinois and Missouri yesterday to catch the total eclipse of the sun.
  • Iowa fans are disappointed at yesterday’s Hawkeye loss in the NCAA women’s basketball championship game – and star Caitlin Clark now awaits next week’s WNBA draft. Pork prices are stabilizing after one of the worst years on record. And Iowa won’t be in the path of today’s total solar eclipse, but a partial eclipse will be visible early this afternoon.
  • A bill headed to the governor authorizes the state to send funding to anti-abortion pregnancy centers without hiring a third-party administrator as initially required by law. The job of a park ranger in Iowa state parks is changing. And the Iowa Hawkeyes prepare for a Final Four matchup with UConn.