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The Sounding Board

Iowa Public Radio's Community Advisory Board

Your voice matters. Your community matters.

The Sounding Board provides perspective and guidance to help IPR better serve all Iowans. The board consists of a diverse range of voices — from all backgrounds, races, viewpoints and cities — that share the unique experiences, interests and needs of their communities.

    Purpose of the Sounding Board

    The Sounding Board is Iowa Public Radio's connection to the many communities we serve. It's our way of staying plugged in to what's happening and what's important to communities across the state. The Sounding Board helps IPR answer important questions about how the organization can better serve all listeners, members and stakeholders. The board meets at least twice a year to offer feedback related to programming, organizational objectives and community impact. Members are knowledgeable and actively engaged with both Iowa Public Radio and the communities they represent.

    Members of the Sounding Board

    • Christopher Martin - Chair, Cedar Falls
    • Dinakar Bhattramakki, Grimes
    • Daniel Bissell, Iowa City
    • Jenny Bowser, Seymour
    • Patricia Brown, Ames
    • Lijun Chadima, Cedar Rapids
    • Gabbi DeWitt, Cedar Falls
    • Kamal Hammouda, Grinnell
    • April Hunn, Dubuque
    • Emily Kessinger, Des Moines
    • Caleb Knutson, Hubbard
    • Dave Linder, Manson
    • Tar Macias, Des Moines
    • John Miller, Fairfield
    • Preston Moore, Cedar Rapids
    • Stefanie Munsterman, Cedar Rapids
    • Edgar Ramirez, Des Moines
    • Kathleen Richardson, Des Moines
    • James Uhlenkamp, Mount Ayr
    • Adam Wedmore, Rockwell


    • Monday, May 20, 2024, 2:00 p.m.
    • Monday, Sept. 16, 2024, 2:00 p.m.